Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Farewell senor El Supremo..

One my old buddy posted some pictures of his big bosses' farewell on facebook.
The guy in question: was the third 'Group Editor in Chief' of Malaysia's oldest newspaper.
His departure was viewed with mixed feelings and as always, the appointment for the big Chief is politically-linked.
From my experience, the first Group Editor in Chief was tyrant who was hated by nearly everyone in his tenure.
A mere mention of his name would trigger vile and venomous remarks.
His successor was no better. During the second Groupo supremo's rule, some reporters were sacked.
And while he was at helm, he used company funds for a holiday to the Antartica, courted lady reporters and made a fool out of himself at wine and fine dining parties.
Like the first supremo, both were told to leave by the God-like numero-Uno man in the country. The third man in line was a fluke.
He ascended to his position by default and maintained it that way till his very last day. Personally speaking, the third supremo was a well-liked person.
Why? Because he has good public relations skill. But as a leader whose role in developing the newspaper's business, his worthiness is questionable.
If you put three and six together, power corrupts. With a big paycheck in hand and plenty of freebies queued up, its hard not to resist temptation.
These guys are flirted with the devil and at the same time, tried very hard to maintain a Saint-like image among their peers and subordinates.
To sum it up, the first supremo was remembered as an omipotent asshole who used his power to fuck other people while his successor was a drunkard and dirty old man.
And this soon-to-be ex-supremo was seen as a man who did nothing but enjoyed the health benefits that the company had provided for his multiple heart by-pass surgeries.
As he slowly fades away into the has-been list of who's who, he better has a solid plan as the years to come won't be paved with freebies and invitations to attend high-profile parties by Kuala Lumpur's rich and famous.

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