Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Japan's Knives mag

I spend an average of RM100 monthly on magazines.The only titles that I source for, are topics of interest such as knives, outdoors and some gurly ones. Titles such as 'Blade', 'Backpacker', 'Outside', 'Bark', 'Dog Fancy' and 'Toyfare' are US-published mags that fill
up my coffee table. Well I do get Japanese mags for visual reference and the ones that interest me are outdoor and fishing mags.
Recently, I bought an issue of 'Knives', which not new to me as I've seen their previous issues.There's not much that I can ingest from this mag's editorial cos of the language barrier, but they do have some
kickass photos!For June, they featured the Striderguys and some custom work from their shop. Truly amazing photos and story written by Japan's top knife writer Hiro Soga who is also known as 'snatchshot'
on the Usual Suspect Forums.But when it comes to pricing, this mag costs 1,050 Yen (RM37.50) but is sold at Books Kinokuniya at RM63.40
which is double its price.Spare the editorial, what made it interesting - is the pictorials. Someone I know also buys the mag for visual
reference. This obsessive compulsive disorder dude with a bad hairdo swears by the mag's pictorial.Meanwhile, I'd rather stick to Blade mag for the trend watch in the US knife market rather than Knives that has
more traditional stuff.

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