Sunday, June 28, 2009


'Taken' by Pierre Morel was my much-anticipated DVD release for the month.I picked up a copy and spent the entire Saturday evening watching it.Liam Neeson who played an US Government ex-operator in this flick was AWESOME!I love the simple storyline that shows that a father's love for his child knows no bounds.Throughout the flick, the action scenes were seamless. I love the part where the lead character tortured an
Albanian bad guy in the basement by sticking two nails in his thigh.Man, that was painful! What got me rewinding the DVD back and forth again was a scene where 'Brian' the character Neeson played
had put a few slugs into a pimp's body towards the end of the scene.The cinematography was awesome and what I love about this movie -- was its cool leading man who wasted no
time in culling the bad guys one-by-one.

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