Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Close, but no cigar

A pricier upgrade: the PRG-510
I made a trip to Casio's concept store in IOI Mall, Puchong.
This is a good place to look at watches because they carry the full range.
The store assistant took out the Casio Protrek PRG-510 when I asked him to do so.
Gave it a close examination and concluded that at a pricetag of RM1.2K, this watch is going to sit in the shelf a little while longer.
Basically, its a cosmetic upgrade from the PRG-500.
The lines are cleaner and smoother.
Instead of a resin strap, you have the option of mounting the watch on a fabric strap. 
Casio is trying to promote adventure with this watch, but I think the colour scheme is just too pussified for daily wear.
So, nice, but I'll pass.

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