Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Canon EOS 5DmkIII

An end to a long wait...
It takes a while for a single-digit Canon EOS Digital Single Lens Reflex camera to hit the streets.
These would stay on at least three to five years before a replacement succeeds the current model.
So much as been said about the Canon EOS 5DmkIII.
The excitement and built-up came about last year, but the Japan quake and tsunami that hit Sendai had put a halt to the production and development of Canon's new full-frame camera.
Now, a year after the tragedy, things are going full-swing.

Succeeding the 5DmkII
There are very high expectations on the camera that will replace the ageing EOS 5DmkII.
New stuff like the Digic-5 processor, now used on the Canon Powershot S100 and G1X are what we expect to see on the 5DmkIII.
Word had it that it would be a model down the EOS1DX with a larger autofocus area and a highly responsive frame burst.
If you have tried the EOS7D, the 5DmkIII would be a natural progression.
This new full-frame D-SLR from Canon is also said to be much more responsive than its predecessor.
That's good news if you shoot sports and action scenes that requires high-speed exposure.

A 'leaked' shot of the 5DmkIII on the internet
Worldwide announcement
March 2 has been set as the date of the EOS 5DmkIII's announcement.
We can expect to see plenty of 'teaser' shots of the camera, especially on and I do hope to catch a glimpse of the camera up close.

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