Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pacific Reach

Bikes I would like to see in Malaysia...
Is there a folding bike that can equal a Dahon or better?
Well, depends on how you look at it.
But if you put the QC factor, cost and built quality, I'd say that my money is on the Pacific Cycles Reach folding bike.
This bike is actually a class above any bike that Dahon can throw at you.

Enter the Reach
To be honest, I've only seen one of such bikes here in Malaysia. 
Its owned by no other than the country's leading bikepacker TT Siang.
I am not carrying his ball, but merely stating the fact.
Siang rode this bike in Sekinchan and its pretty fast.
The Reach is a full-suspension bike with four configurations. 
There the Reach Racer, Trail bike, City and Super Light model.

The Pacific Reach in action at Sekinchan's paddy fields...
Quality, fit and finish
After seeing the Birdy folding bikes up close, I am convinced that the Reach series are well-built.
Its just that they don't have enough exposure here in Malaysia.
If the trend should continue into the following year, it will definitely an opportunity for the Reach to hit our shores as there's really nothing new on the horizon...


I do hope that KSH bikes would look into this as there is a vast potential of marketing it.
If they could sell a range of Birdys and the Carry me bikes, I am sure that there's a market for the Reach -- especially the Trail bike.

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