Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coping with the missing 8%

Living with that 92%

No stopping: a busted leg is not the end of the world..
My left leg was fractured in a motorcycle accident 11 years ago.
I was on my way home and was hit by a car.
The impact had caused my left tibia and fibula to suffer a class-III compound fracture.
A piece of the broken bone had pierced the skin on my shin, exposing a gaping wound.
There were also nerve damage on my leg and after four major and three minor surgeries, I was certified fit to lead a normal life.
 I was called for an assessment from the KL Hospital's panel of orthopaedic surgeon who gave the final say on the level of permanent damage to the left leg.

A messed-up knee: A second incision was made to remove the nail

The area where two screws were mounted

The lead surgeon conducted a few simple test.
I was asked to flex my leg, rotate my ankle and squat.
My lower extremity was immobilised by traction for nearly a month before a foot-long nail was implanted on my tibia which was secured by three screws.
Barely 10 months into the process, my orthopaedic surgeon had suggested a final surgery to remove the nail and all its screws. 
All that flexing and squat, the panel concluded that my full-recovery was 92%.

Just happy to keep on walking..
Be very thankful if your limbs are just the way they are.
Breaking your bones is no fun.
Especially when you are older.
Recovery meant a lot to me. I was able to do things that I would never had imagined.
Take cycling for instance: I've done short, medium and long-distance rides.
The legs are stronger and even so, injuries happen!
I recently sprained my left ankle and suffered the wrath of aging as recovery was really, really slow.
As a result, I didn't cycle for two weeks. 
But with time healing the burst blood vessels and damaged tissues, I can see a vast improvement.
There is less swelling and the flexibility of my ankle joint was not stiff and painful anymore.
I look forward to a speedy recovery so that I can continue with the cycling as well as hiking activities that I loved so much!

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