Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Enter the Almera..

Hurting the competition...
You can't buy anything that is considerably 'good' for a pricetag of RM70k these days.
Spare the national cars, the only manufacturers that could offer a decent sedan at that price range are the South Koreans.
Or if you are willing to risk it all, get something from China.
But if you want a Japanse car, a sedan in particular, Nissan had recently launched their new sedan: The Almera with a base price of RM68,800 (basic model, manual transmission).
With all the features, bells and whistles -- this would be it.

The Nissan Almera
 I bet this car would be the choice for city driving with its 1.5litre powerplant.
The most attractive part is the price package and value in terms of features.
Based on the higher-end specification, you get all the features of a continental car at RM79k, which is still cheaper than a Toyota Vios.
I think I'll take a trip to the Nissan dealership to take a closer look at the new Almera..

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