Saturday, January 1, 2011

A clean and sober celebration

Michelle, riding along Putrajaya's main boulevard

A shot taken with the Putra mosque in the background

We did it!

Instead of getting drunk and disorderly, Michelle and I took a new approach in celebrating New Year's eve.
Right after I was done with work, I rushed home to jump into my wife's car and with our bikes packed in place, we drove to Putrajaya's Precinct 2.
There, we joint a large crowd of cyclists - totalling to nearly 500 people for a night ride around the country's administrative capital.
All this, for RM2.50 a person.
Rather than blowing our money at pubs or restaurants, we chose a healthier alternative and that was to use our folding bicycles and ride it hard.
At the registration booth, we met up with some old friends.
Some folding bike riders were there too.
Riding around Putrajaya at night was an unforgettable experience.
The route took us on a 20-km loop, covering some scenic areas around this township.
We caught a glimpse of Putrajaya at night which can be rarely seen of you are cooped-up in your car.
The ride ended at 11:30pm and with some stage performance and lucky draw, we left at 02:30am.
Saturday was a day of rest as we recuperated from the ride.
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