Friday, September 2, 2011

Foldies for Pangkor MTB Jamboree?

Its been an interesting day.
While I got Michelle's Jetstream tuned at Johnny Ng's shop in Bandar Utama, I was told about the Simpang Pulai - Cameron Highlands race.
Then, there was this 'King of the hill' race and so on.
Later in the evening, I had two missed calls from an event organiser.
The guy was Cheah from Cyclista, a dude we had engaged to have Starmetro's cycling team jersey done.
He wanted to know whether I am 'active' as a folding bike cyclist.
I told that folding bikes are all there is. 
"Eh Sam ah, we want to include folding bicycles at the Pangkor Jamboree.."
Before I gave him the low-down, I did mention a few things. 
Most foldies are aged 30 and above with majority of them over 40.
These guys are more inclined on leisure cycling rather than competing.
Cheah said the whole idea for getting foldies to take part at the Jamboree is purely having fun.
I told him that as a friend, I will extend help. 
As for the rest of the 'in-crowd' in the folding bike realm, well, I don't know and I can't say much about how they would perceive the whole idea.
There might be Rockstars out there that wanted everything free including an 'appearance fee'.
Apart from that, I also voiced out my concerns about logistics.
As for participation, I guessed that the timing sucked.
The Pangkor MTB Jamboree is from Sept 17 - 18.
By this time we would have been back from the Penang CFAL and would be training for the OCBC Cycling Malaysia ride.
Way I see it, there's simply too many event in such a short span.
But getting a call from Cheah, who is a co-organizer for the event meant that foldies are slowly gaining acceptance in the cycling community....

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