Sunday, September 18, 2011

Group dynamics

The best number in group tour, in my humble opinion, is six.
If the group becomes too big, it won't be easy to handle things.
Like any other set-up, the group needs a leader and a sweeper. The rest would have to play their role in order for the group to move forward.
I guess that in a society where we deal with people from all levels of tolerance and abilities, its not easy to engage in a give-and-take situation.
For the leader, its important to place the rest of the group ahead of anything else.
A good leader plans and executes his or her orders in accordance to the safety and welfare of the rest of the group.
When you get selfish leaders, the group is bound to fail.
Based on my experience, there aren't many good leaders out there who can tolerate ego, self-preservation and all those bad qualities.
A tour works if everyone puts their heads together and work as a team.
In short, no one gets left behind. 
There are times where we need to push ourselves and motivate others. 
With the unknown always ahead on the road, the true challenge for a leader is to keep his or her group united.
Otherwise, with the clash of personalities, there are bound to be a fallout..
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