Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PIPR Series 11 - Part 2

When the going gets tough
By mid-day many cyclists have dropped out. 
I guess the heat or exhaustion must have got to them. From the horse ranch, it was a downhill roll towards the wetlands.
My Garmin EDGE800 GPS read 62km/h during the roll. This was quite fast as I overtook some larger bikes.
Right ahead of me were an elderly couple. 
They were riding a red Dahon Speed P8 and an Ori folding bike.
On the way to the wetlands, I caught up with Col Azudin. 
He is part of the Putrajaya Urban Riders who have added Brompton folding bikes to their collection.
These are very active cyclists who ride regularly at Putrajaya.
Azudin told me that he was planning for a ride in Malacca.

A fixie at the course
One good call on this ride is bringing along my Jetstream EX.
Just as we exited a tunnel towards the Wetlands, I saw a dude falling off his bike.
The German A suspension and Suntour rear shock took most of the punishment.
Along the way, I saw a lady being tended by a group of Paramedics.
Apparently, DC Ong told me that she collapsed while cycling uphill.
This added to the casualty list. 
One thing that the organizers must take note is the fact that there was a large number of newbies on the ride.
Many, who were uninitiated to the terrain and course would find themselves in a jam. 
After exiting the tunnel, came a stretch where the ride was super bumpy.
I saw many cyclists getting off their bikes to push while a few suffered cramps.
The ray of hope was the Prime Minister's office.
This marks the last stretch of the ride towards the fairground
Me, riding toward the last section
Reaching the finish line...
The last kilometer wasn't that bad.
I reached the main tent and by the time I got there, Billy and his kid was on his way home.
They've completed 20km which was quite a remarkable achievement.
While taking a break, I engaged in a conversation with another foldie dude on his Red Dahon Speed P8. He just got this bike recently for an exercise regime.
The elderly couple whom I met along the way were also there. 
They were admiring my Topeak phat stand and complemented the Jetstream.
I guess a full-suspension foldie was something out of the ordinary at the PIPR.

As an experienced cyclists, I must say that the course was unsuitable for newbies.
Their sheer numbers indicated that the PIPR is getting very popular.
Thanks to ample publicity and the word of mouth.
Most promising is the makan and I must say that I had thoroughly enjoyed myself.
My fitness level was not at its optimum, which means I have to train even more.
No issues with most of the steep and long climbs, only on two occasions that I got down to push cos the gradient was really nuts. I hope to continue cycling at the PIPR and look forward to the New Year's eve night ride if they are organizing it....
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