Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr Stay Hungry

I was riding an escalator at a shopping mall yesterday and right below me, I saw an Indian man, perhaps in his middle-age, balding and looking very sickly.
Then, I pointed out to my buddy: "Hey, that is Mr Stay Hungry!"
I was referring to a sloganista who placed banners all over the fourth floor on my old work place. 
Communist propaganda tunes like: "Beat the competition", "Stay hungry" were hung all over the editorial floor.
It could have worked if Josef Stalin was the boss.
Mr Hungry was brought in by Datuk 20sen and was said to the best journalist ever to grace the pages of a daily across the causeway.
As far as he is concerned, I never heard of this guy who has the personality the size of a pea.
Well, of course, with every change of a regime, there's ample time to loot, plunder and sack.
Both Mr Hungry and Datuk 20sen made the villains from the former regime looked good.
And for four years, they led the oldest English Daily in the country to its grave.
I thought I would never live the day to see Mr Hungry in his present state.
After leaving the newspaper scene after four years of 'national service', Mr Hungry led a Public Relations agency.
This was said to be one of the best in the country with millions of ringgit worth of contracts.
Sadly, the company liquidated. And Mr Hungry, along with his cronies, had sank into the oblivion. Until yesterday that is.. 
Way its put, nobody would remember him for the good things he had done. Well, none to begin with anyway!
And as I saw it with my own eyes, this bugger is still hungry.

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