Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: Roxim RX5 bicycle light

Space-age: The Roxim RX5

When it comes to outfitting my folding bike, I am willing to try out some unconventional stuff.
So, I tried the Roxim RX5 bicycle light.
This is said to be the most advanced illumination tool using only 4AA batteries.
I've also outfitted my wife's Dahon Curve D3 with a smaller 2AA light called the Roxim RS3 to replace her damaged Cateye light. 
And since these are pretty scarce in the market, they aren't easily found.
I bought the RX5 and RS3 from Folding Bike Trading at their flagship store in Damansara Perdana.
Michelle was the first to test out her RS3 at a night ride in Putrajaya. She wasn't happy with the high-drain device, although the people who distribute them recommends using rechargeable cells.
On Wednesday, I had the chance to try out my RX5 on my Dahon Jetstream EX.
This light lasted about 20 minutes before going dim on economy mode.

Lightweight, futuristic streamlined-design. 
Takes 4AA batteries that can be bought anywhere. Reasonably bright with a nice wide beam.

Crappy mount. Expensive and has a poor run-time.

The Roxim is sold by Folding Bike Trading at their showroom in Damansara Perdana. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I had an issue with their staff who claimed to have his Facebook account 'hacked'. Who the hell does he think he is? Tom Cruise? 


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