Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Dahon FBC

A year ago, I met a bunch of folding bike cyclists at the Rodalink branch in Bangsar.
It was the inaugral meet for the Dahon Folding Bike Club to distribute its official Jersey and plan the "Ride away Polio" event at Sunway Lagoon Resort.
I didn't join the ride, but was introduced to Mr CS Wee and TT Siang.
Both are Dahon users and became my friends.
I toured with Siang to Southern Thailand earlier this year and rode with Mr Wee at the Penang CFAL3 recently.
In the months that ensued, I became more involved in rides and started to train as I was totally unfit.
The benchmark was the Ministry of Health's Kayuhan Kesakitan.
It was a 50km ride paved with pain and embarassment. I was told that it was a fun ride, but it turned out to be a roadie's race.
From that point onwards, I made a pact with Michelle, that is to train harder for strength and stamina.
As for the Dahon FBC, a second meeting was called in January this year to introduce several new models.
But that was it, the club remained dormant.
New memberships are now directed to 'Malaysian Foldies' on Google Groups.
As folding bikes are gaining popularity, its now up to the experienced folding bike owners to lead the way and blaze a path.
The only official ride we had was the train trip to Ipoh last year.

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