Friday, September 2, 2011

The Jetstream P8 gets a tune-up

Teoh (right) giving the rear brake a tune-up
Our 2010 Dahon Jetstream P8 had been put under a breaking-in period over two rides.
So far, Michelle had clocked more than 100km on the bike.
Two things surfaced as she rode the bike into Kuala Lumpur's city centre yesterday.
First, it was the inner-tube failure. 
It occured to me that the replacement tubes are 20 x 1.0 - 1.5 in diameter.
These are pretty rare to come by and I could only source for two pieces from Rodalink's store in Sri Hartamas.
I caught up with the store's supervisor Abraham Teoh who will be joining Le Run Industries' sales team by next week.
Teoh helped to tweak a misaligned rear brake while his colleague helped in re-aligning the handlebar and fix some squeaking noise coming out from the bike's stem.
At the store, I managed to snag two Schwalbe 20 x 1.0 -1.5 spare tubes.
Later, I swung by Johnny Ng's store in Bandar Utama to get the rest of the tubes, mostly made by Kenda tires.
The Master at work: Johnny, tweaking Mrs Samo's bike
 I corresponded with Johnny over the MSN Messenger which is linked to my Facebook account.
He told me about riding the Dahon Dash P-18 up Cameron Highlands on Saturday.
By far, Johnny is one of the fittest folding bike cyclists that I've come across.
He's unpretentious and pretty sincere about his mission in promoting folding bikes for cyclists new and seasoned.
I later showed him Michelle's bike and told him about the problem I had with the rear brakes.
Without much hesitation, my friend went to work on the brake calipers and told me that the spring tension was too tight.
Now, the Jetstream is as solid as it looks. Braking is firmer than before.
The only test that is left is a ride at Hulu Langat Bt18 tomorrow.
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