Monday, April 23, 2012

Annual vaccination

Yearly check-up
We've been having our dogs for seven years. 
That's the middle-age for our oldest pooch and without fail, they get a booster shot and each tiime the vaccination is recorded on their health card, we renew their dog license.
This year is no different from previous years as the kidz were given a clean bill of health.

Worrying issues
I fould a cyst on my gurl. 
There is a lump the size of an almond on the soft side of her foreleg's lymph nodes. 
 Its been there since a year ago and I was told that if the growth gets bigger, it has to be surgically-removed. 
Other than that, the gurl is fine.

Mrs Samo leading Queenie to the vet across the road
The gurl getting her jab
 License renewal
The local by-law states that a dog license must be renewed every year. 
To qualify for renewal, the owner must present their dog's vaccination card. 
Waiting for the license to be renewed is another thing. Its an agony to go to the local council's head office to get the job done as there are many people there. Usually, it'll take half a day.. 
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