Sunday, April 15, 2012

Templer's Park revisited

Two and a-half decades later...
The guys from Malaysia Knife Forums had organised a day hike to Templer's Park in Hulu Kanching, Selangor.
I snapped this opportunity to visit one of my favourite haunts back in the days.
Two and a-half decades ago, my Scout troop used to organize competition and training camps in the Park.
We actually hiked about 2km into the trail to set up camp and stayed there for nearly a week.

HW Wong hiking along the trail..

The MKF gang, mid-way through the hike
The middle ages..
Now, fast-forward to the present - the only contact I had was the Scouts training camp at the outskirts of Templer's Park.
Today, there is a paved trail to the park's gate.
The path has been widened with plenty of public amenities built for the convenience of the park's visitors.
Back in the day, there is a caretaker that charges RM1 per entry.
They are not there anymore as the park is managed by the state.
Trip leader Ah Keong and a few other guys from the Malaysia Knife Forum including its President Mr HW Wong was punctual.
Only one guy who signed up didn't check-in because he ended up in Banting.. (Don't ask me why..).
We began to hike up the trail and moved slowly towards the waterfall area.
Along the way, I found plenty of thrash that was left behind by some irresponsible people..

Wild mushrooms

At an old spot: the waterfall

With the MKF gang
Hi, ho, hi, ho, hi, ho...
We reached a rest area near the waterfall.
Now this is the place where I had plenty of fond memories.
Its still good for photography.
Some of the guys stayed behind while Ah Keong, Walther, Wong and I went out to check the second-tier of the falls.
We hiked up for about 20 minutes and reached a pool area.
The path was blocked by fallen branches.
Wong decided not to push on because he didn't want to get his shoes wet.
We were the only guys who had our full gear strapped to our back.
For me, it was an opportunity to hike in the jungle and use my trusty Kifaru Scout pack.
Later, we headed down to the campsite and while the guys ate their packed lunch, I decided to work on my slow-shutter shots on my G1X compact digital camera.

Good memories!
Templer's Park still has what it takes for a day hike and macro outing.
But for camping, I think its in dire need of a clean-up.
Re-visiting the campgrounds gave me plenty of good memories about the park.
We hung around the area till noon and hiked out.
Ah Keong, Walther and Marcus, the guy who ended up in Banting had followed me to a makan place near Rawang where we had some real good food.
Way I see it, the MKF guys had done a great job in organizing the outing.
Ah Keong, a part-time wilderness guide, kayakist and outfitter has plenty of potential in leading the forum members in activities as such. I hope he will keep up the good work!
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