Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The head-terner...

A word from the man himself...
I received a message on Facebook yesterday.
It was from Josh Hon, VP of Tern Bicycles.
Sometime back, I stated my interest in writing a review on the Tern Eclipse S11i.
This 24" ride is a break from the norm and when it was previewed at the Tern launch last year, I was truly impressed with the overally, built and finish..

The Eclipse S11i, folded

Fully deployed
Class, elegance and performance
Priced at RM7.7k a pop, this is one bike that stands out from the rest.
The colour scheme is right, and if you are in the market for a bike that can perform and at the same time looks good, you might want to give the Eclipse S11i a try.
What I like about this bike, are the features.
With a set of mechanical disk brakes thrown-in, this machine yields plenty of stopping power in any riding condition.
And as far as the drivetrain is concerned, the Eclipse S11i uses a Shimano Alfine-11 internal hub gear.
So, if you don't want a bike that comes with a messy chain and cogwheels, the Alfine-11 is the way to go.
I've tried it and its really smooth compared to the lower-end Nexus-7.
One of the value-added feature on the Eclipse S11i, is the front dynamo hub. 
You can use this to power-up the Valo handlebar light which is integrated onto the Andros Stem.
And when not in use, all there is to do, is a turn on a knob to decrease resistance from the dynamo. 
This gives you a smoother ride when the front hub is free-wheeling.
I think the Eclipse S11i would perform flawlessly as a medium-distance commute bike, well, thrown-in a rear-traveller's rack or a Tubus rear rack, you are in business!
Josh also told me that the Eclipse is one of his personal favourite and if you happen to be a the new Tern Boutique in SS2, Petaling Jaya, go for a test-ride! 
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