Monday, April 9, 2012

Basic service package..

Time for a basic service package...
I rang up Johnny Ng from My Bicycle Shop in Bandar Utama for a service appointment.
He has good knowledge on folding bikes - especially Dahons and My 2009 Speed P8 is in dire need of a brake shoe change..

Johnny, giving the Speed P8 a fine-tune
Meticulous and thorough...
I don't have a high expectation on how things are done on my bike.
For the record, all I needed was getting the brakes inspected and the gears tuned.
But Johnny was thorough.
He told me that he was not happy with the way the bike felt.
So, I let him do what's necessary.
Now, the one thing I don't see everyday, is the rear cassette removed with its hub's ball-bearings cleaned.
"Eh Sam, your cogwheels are loose la!"
I was dumbfounded when this was mentioned.
Since I got the bike, it was that way for years.
Compared to a premium bike store in Kota Damansara (Minimum charge is RM50 per service) and Rodalink (RM15 minimum charge and more if time is a factor), Johnny was way meticulous with the process.
You don't get this kind of basic service at all. Period.
The price? Well, I'd say that at RM110 for the job well-done, its not too much cos the Speed P8 was really banged-up.

The rear hub gets a thorough clean-up
Future service packages..
Well, having experience a rejuvenated 2009 Dahon Speed P8 from Johnny's shop, I guess I will revert back to him on doing up my wife's Speed TR, the 2009 Curve SL and our Jetstreams! Only thing is patience as the thorough service takes a long time... 
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