Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wireless modem routers and its shelf life

Every modem-router has its day...
A coupla days ago, the wireless modem-router at home went dead.
I knew for a fact that my surge protector had tripped and this little investment had paid off.
Nothing was fried.
Since we moved into our home in USJ eight years ago, we've been depending on the TMnet Streamyx connection to stay in touch with the outside world.
Our first wireless router was a D-Link.
After it got fried, I replaced it with a modem-router which I bought for more than RM200 in Plaza Lowyat back in 2008.

The old modem-router
Settings, settings, settings...
On my old set-up, I had a modem-router plugged-in with a 7dB high-gain antenna.
This one gave plenty of juice as the signals are transmitted all over the house.
It was also used for my XBox Live on the XBox 360 console.
Never had any issues till a few days ago when the ADSL pilot light ceased from blinking.
I took this to TMnet and being a customer with a clean bill of health, they said my line was good.
Three years ago, we've decided to downgrade to a cheaper package at RM66 with 512K download speed.
Since we don't watch videos or stream shared files a moderate-speed broadband internet service would do.
The guy on the TMnet helpline suggested that the modem-router may have ceased.
But it was working fine. Except that there were no pulse on the ADSL light window.
And the splitter box might have been damaged.
So, I took the cue and purchased a new modem-wireless router as a remedy.
Back in the days, such a thing would be pricey. Today, its cheaper than dirt.
After getting a new D-Link modem-router, I went back home to set it up.
My attempt failed.
Called TMnet who sent a technician to remedy the problem. He too had failed.

The new machine

A second chance
Well, just when I thought when everything was lost, I plugged-in the old modem-router and walla! We had a pulse.
The old modem was working again. How wonderful! I thought this was some Easter Day miracle.
But, the connections were limited. It was just a short-lived joy as other devices were unable to connect with the wireless router.

I noticed that there was a re-set button on the side of the old modem.
In my mind, this was the golden opportunity to set things right once more.
I cleared everything and the modem was back on default setting.
With the easy-installation CD, I plugged in the new modem and started to re-configure the settings.
This time, after working it out step-by-step, the wireless internet connection in my house was back to normal.
The straw that broke the Camel's back was the little re-set button.
All I needed to do, was to purge the old information stored on the modem-router and I am back in business..
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