Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First impressions: Biologic Android Bike Mount

Surprise! Surprise!
A couple of weeks back, Joshua Hon, VP of Mobility Holdings asked: "What Android phone are you using Sam?" 
I told Josh that I am using the LG Optimus 2X.
There are really cool and exciting things happening at Biologic Biologic's official website and one of the gadgets they are developing is the Android Bike Mount.
This follows the success of the iphone mount and if you are an Android user, the option is now available for you to mount your phone on your bike handlebar.
That said, you can utilise your sports tracking and workout apps or use the Android phones maps and GPS system while on the go.

Coming to a bikestore near you: The Biologic Android Bike Mount
 May 2012 release
Biologic's Android Bike Mount will be available soon.
Josh told me that it took the Biologic team nearly nine months to develop the product.
Now, what's interesting about the Android mount i s the series of liners that you can use to mount your phone inside the protective and water-proof shell.
Four versions of the liners are available for the Android Mount. They are: Samsung Galaxy S11, Galaxy S, LG Optimus 2X and HTC phones.

Bomb-proof! The Android Bike Mount on hand
  Quality, fit and finish
This product is solid right out of the box.
With the liner properly fitted, my LG Optimus 2X phone sits nicely in its protective shell.
The power switch is operated by pressure, so, you really have to press the shell liner's silicon button really hard.
On the touch screen, no issues, it can scroll and swipe like normal.
One thing I like about this protective shell is the feature where you can rotate the shell to portraite or landscape.
The Android Bike Mount is perfect for short distance commute in any weather condition and the supplied bike mounting foot holds firmly to take the rigours of daily riding.

What to expect for Android fans?
Now that the option to mount your Samsung, LG and HTC phone is available, let's hope that Biologic would consider a ReeCharge mount.
If you have a Biologic Joule II dynamo hub, you can rig the Reecharge to power up your Android phone on the move. 
Another product that I would like to see is the Biologic BikeBrain on the Android OS. Josh told me that it wasn't easy to develop this apps compared to the readily available version for IOS on the iphone. But I do sincerely hope that Biologic would look into this.. 
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