Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bikecamping - Pertak, Part 2

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling..
After a good fill, we toured Kuala Kubu Baru town.
Then, we made a turn towards the road to Fraser's Hill.
The journey was a straight 10km climb towards the Selangor Dam information centre.
With 20kgs of gear on the Ortlieb backroller, cranking the bike uphill was a real challenge.
I had 8-speeds on my 20" folding bike. This, in my humble opinion, is enough to take on moderate gradient and long climbs.
Anything steeper, the bike wouldn't go further.
We took the first 9km really well and decided to take a break at a shaded area, just  a few kilometers before the Dam's visitors centre.

Riding around KKB town
Climbing the KKB - Fraser's Hill route

Break time
Ye old'e faithful
Poor fitness-level
I  must admit that a month of inactivity had taken a toll on my fitness-level.
The climb was gradual, but with load, its a slower drag compared to riding empty.
We slowly rode towards the Selangor Dam visitor's centre and there was a section which was pretty steep.
Since it was a long climb, I ran out of steam at one of the section and decided that the best course of action was to get down and push the bike for the last 500 meters.
Roger was waiting at a shade, just before the turn to the Dam's visitor's centre.
There is a vending machine there, so, we stopped to rest and quenched our thirst with some 100Plus istonic drink.
This was a pure bliss especially under the scorching sun and blistering heat.
From the Dam, we can see a section leading towards the Pertak orang asli village junction.

Pushing forward
After a good rest, we rode towards Pertak.
It was a smooth journey as we made our way towards the aboriginal settlement.
Roger said the campsite is about 1.2km away.
We scouted the first waterpool and decided that it was too dirty to camp.
Later, we moved to a more suitable location and decided to set up our shelters there and call it a day.. 
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