Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ortlieb 30th Anniversary limited-edition Backroller

For the Backroller-holics!
Its just awesome to read Ortlieb's announcement on their 30th anniversary this year.
To commemorate 30 years of waterproof, the luggage maker is issuing their limited-edition Backroller pannier (one side only) for fans from different continent.
In our case, it will be the Asia map on a backroller.
This one comes with a 30th anniversary logo and a map of your choice.
Price? 55 Euros a piece and there is a long waiting list for the pannier to be produced as much of  Ortlieb's products are backlogged...

The Kiwis and Ozzies have their own Backroller
The limited-edition Backrollers can be ordered directly from Ortlieb, or you can contact Ed Foo from Atmosphere outfitters in Subang Avenue shopping centre in Subang Jaya.
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