Monday, May 12, 2008

Burger Wars

Chilli, fries and the burger - all RM14.50
The chilli was yummy minus them crackers that Wendy's used to give out
I think the burger buns are the winner.. The best so far!

I vaguely recall chilling out at Wendy's burger in Sungai Wang Plaza in the mid-80s. What I would deem as the best days of my life. The salad and chilli was my favourite and back then, it won't cost you your left kidney to have a decent meal there. Then things took a turn in the late 80s, which spelt the demise of the Wendy's chain starting from the closure of its first outlet in Sungai Wang Plaza. Like Popeye's fried chicken, Long John Silver, White Castle and Burger King - They vanished when the country's economy went South in the 86. Not until recently, Wendy's resurfaced with an outlet in Sunway Pyramid.

I was there to catch 'Iron Man' and kinda planned my lunch at the outlet. Ordered a burger and a bowl of chilli. Inclusive of the set meal that came with french fries and a regular cup of Coke. I accidentally spilled it and it was embarassing. Immediately after I left, the worker rushed to clean up the mess. I guess that'll me my last visit. At least till they have forgotten about the spilt Coke. I bet the roaches will love it..

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