Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Strider AR : 5years:3months:24days

The AR and some of my daily carry items
There's plenty of meat and belly on this knife!
When it comes to tough - this is it!

I blew about RM1,650 for the meanest, most badassed folding knife ever made! And I recall contacting Matt Donohue through the USN and made a deal to get the knife sent over from Virginia (Matt is an authorised dealer). Well, first, one might ask : "What is a Strider?". Now, that's really interesting. Cos some years back, I wasn't into high-end handmade knives. And a Strider in that case, was handmake and the trademark is the namesake of Mick Strider and Striderknives which is based in California.

My first brush with the Striderguys was in New York. I musta walked past their table a coupla times without taking a second look. And sometime back in late 2001, a visitor came from Hong Kong. He brought some knives and one of the very rare sight, was a Strider GB tanto folder. I am no fan of tantos, but if you give me a spearpoint knife, I'll be as happy as a clam!

So, after deliberating for a year, I decided to take the plunge. Scored my first custom folder from Matt D and was again - as happy as a clam! Years later, I set on a quest to acquire a hollow-ground AR (spearpoint Strider folder) and managed to secure on from a good friend Bobby G. It was the pinnacle of my AR quest and it landed on my lap about one week later after I settled the payment in full. I couldn't have asked for more! Its built like a tank and took plenty of beating in the field..

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