Monday, May 5, 2008

The Smithsonian Randall

This is one big mutha!
When it comes to Randall-made knives, their leather sheaths are second-to-none.

Okay, retards and name calling aside, a post on the USN by a friend Bill Yester kinda cheered me up. He has for sale, a coupla Randall-made knives. First on the block was a small knife which I was not really interested. Next, the Smithsonian Bowie. Now, this one got me creaming in my pants. Yeah, Kareeeeeeemmmm in my pants. You heard me! Its big and well, big! I don't think there are many made and the asking price of USD$650 (RM2,300) for this piece is not too much. After watching 'Seraphim Falls' last night, I kinda rekindled my love for the Bowie.

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