Thursday, May 8, 2008

Novatac 120-T

The HDS-42 basic and Novatac 120-T
This light is paired with my Boker CLB M-TYPE

Tactical flashlights just got better. I have been using the HDS-42 basic LED flashlight as everyday carry for the last three years. Never felt it needed replacement till one fateful day, it went diving onto the marble head-first. The coated glass lens was cracked and it had a bad ding on its crown.

I've been using tactical illuminators for a coupla years, had the Surefire L-1 as my favourite daily carry till I ordered the HDS-42 directly from a dealer in the US at USD$95 a piece inclusive of shipping. It was shipped here twice cos the light never reached here. Since I got it, it has seen plenty action in the jungle including overseas trips. I have yet to retire the light and am currently using it as a bedside light.

Now, the Novatac, a better evolved light arrived at my desk last week. I bought it from a Bro in the USN who shipped it over via Express mail. Was very impressed with the fit and finish including its performance. 120 lumens packs plenty of punch and when needed, it gave a three stage lighting capability. The light saw action today in the basement when a female colleague of mine had called for help. In short, I am very happy with the lil flashlight that sits in my pocket unobstrusively...

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