Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Before intermission..

Aaahh... Last day at work before the break. The guys are talking about reporters and their low mortality, health, food and what to makan and so on.

I've been on desk duty for a coupla days and well, strangely, there has been some really annoying calls.

There was this reader who rang up for directions to the MAHA show. So, I told him it is being held in Serdang.

He went on rambling about : "Next time ah, I support the Star ah, this and that and this and that and this and that and the other."

So, naturally, I hung up the phone. No more assholes. Then, I uploaded some photos on my facebook album.

One of the shots was a 'char koay teow' photo. Now, that picture gathered some reaction and little did I expect Mrs Samo's former uni friend to say : "You bastard!".

If I knew him for 15 years, I can excuse the bugger. But I hardly knew the guy and I think, only met him in person once.

A case of misntrepretation? You call a person 'bastard' in a friendly way? What the FUCK? The same word was used when I was in Malacca and the Portuguese decended folks nearly set my bureau office on fire.

So, in this case, thread carefully. Doesn't mean you are my wife's friend, you can call me a bastard. Even my close friends don't do that. What the blue fucks is the world coming to?

Oh well, if I think too much, I blow some blood vessels. Then die of a heart attack and stroke. So, fuck it, he can lick the peanuts out of my shit.

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