Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Nessmuk - My take

The modern Nessie made by Siegle
Form follows function - My jungle camp knife
Ah Pan, my buddy showing off the Nessie in kg Halak, Gua Musang, Kelantan

The Nessmuk has been around for more than a century. Popularised by outdoor columnist George Sears, this knife has seen some frontier action in the North American Far West.

What I like about Sear's design, is its functionality. With a blade length of 4", this is an ideal field tool for preparing food as well as some light cutting chores at camp.

I believe that the original Nessmuks are hollow-ground for strength and durability. As recent as two years ago, I commissioned knifemaker Bill Seagle to make me a Nessmuk in high speed steel.

Its the only piece I believe, that utilised the S30v stainless steel. It has a good edge retention quality and well, I must praise Mr Siegle for his awesome work with the grinder.

His knives are hair-popping sharp.

The Nessmuk was used in Kelantan for food preparation. While at home, I was impressed by its ability to 'shave' off a young coconut shell.

My only beef with the knife, was the sheath. Its loose and rattles a lot. Something which can be fixed by heating up its thermoplastic shells.

This is the only Siegle-made knife left in my keeps and well, having seen what it has done and can do, it'll be a keeper!

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