Friday, August 22, 2008

It's how you treat people...

Took the kidz out to my aunt's place this noon. Had lunch there and plenty of catching up to do.

We talked a lot during the meals and one of the topic was how I am faring with the new set up.

I told her that things were fine and that I made the right choice by moving on. Leaving behind some burden.

With a professional team at hand, its easier to get the job done. While we were at it, I also told her that the people at the old set up were sadists.

They seemed to have a taste for seeing certain people fail. They have nothing nice to say when you do good and produce.

Most of the time, they gather and bitch about how the good guy is going to screw up.

I witnessed this when three senior female reporters got back from lunch. One of them, my former section head was ranting about it and little did she realise that I was at the lounge reading a newspaper.

I heard everything. Inherently, this was the 'order' of execution from the old regime. Three ladies who ruled the features desk.

One of them was so bad, she screams on top of her lungs to get the message across.

Ultimately, every dog has its day. This one went to a small corner and eventually faded away. Shameless as she is, I found her wandering around the setup's library - doing things for the then MP of Lembah Pantai.

I recall that she made it very clear that I don't have what it takes to get overseas jobs. So, that was my motivation.

With her clear words, I made my way to Japan, the Falklands, North America and Europe.

Again, this is what she asked for, expecting failure in a grand scale. I guess she had her moment when my team missed a story in Malacca.

"But you failed..", those were her words. All I can say is that I am glad that this character is behind me. I don't have to report to her like I owe her a living.

I guess in life, its how you treat people. If you are sincere, people value you. If you are a phony, you are just like the rest of the garbage.

I told a senior management guy once : "The good guy always finish last. But at the end of it, the taste of victory is sweet."

That, I learned from 15 years of preserverance in an organisation that is utterly racist and unprofessional.

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