Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coonkid = landscapist

Prime suspect - Coonstus Diggus Doggus
Accomplice - Naughtius Bonus Eatus

Someone has been digging and each day, the crater just got bigger. I checked the dogs and found our gurl to be the main culprit.

She had loose earth on her face, claws and paws. So, before I head off to work this morning, I buried the hole with shards of broken flower pot and earth.

I knew the coonster will go digging again. That will have to be corrected thoroughly. We are keeping vigil for more coon craters at the yard.

Oh yes, it needs trimming too! And time to get some new shovels cos the old ones have been destroyed by the tool-hating Coonzilla dogmonster!

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