Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This year, so far..

Four more months to go and the year is over.
Right now, in the third quarter, things are really heating up.
I just got word from my co-workers that the food company that took up a logo buy in my column may just pull the plug.
There are many issues that adds up and one of them was commitment.
As far as work is concerned, I have delivered my end of the bargain by fulfilling my obligations on the editorial part.
And to take it a step forward, I have also crossed the line by offering my services to the sponsor as a coordinator for the promotion.
For the last five months, I have been arranging for the winners to receive their prizes and have their photo taken.
Just this once, I requested my colleagues in another department to help out and the sponsor had shown his ugly side.
Personal feelings aside, I knew that there was more to just lending editorial support to the food company.
They wanted more but I told them off.
What made matters worse, is that the task to hand out gift vouchers and products was handled by only one person - the company's product manager.
I told him that for this month, the prize presentation had to take place without my presence.
I made that very clear due to my work commitment and hectic schedule. And that for one occassion, I cannot make it.
But the company's representative decided not to go ahead and insisted that I be there for the function.
This led to a showdown with another colleague of mine from the ad department. We laid the cards on the table and its obvious that the ball is on the sponsor's court.
So, to diffuse the situation, I had to make an appearance on Friday to seal the deal.
A decision may be reached on whether to pull the plug or go ahead.
I have taken this so far and have nothing to lose because I had done my part flawlessly.
So, its a matter of who bugs out first.
As far as the Food Trail column is concerned, it can go without the hassle of having a demanding sponsor.
Commercialism, as I see it, has plenty of flaws. You can please everybody all the time..

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