Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Projek Broga

The road to Broga from Semenyih

Bob, taking snapshots of the reconnaisance trip to Broga

Bob Lew and I had started an experimental patrol from Victoria Institution in September.
We had four boys aged 14 - 15 in a single patrol whom we are grooming for their merit badges in the new National Scouting syllabus.
If they complete all the requirements including five merit badges in their Senior years, the boys would be eligible to be assessed as King Scouts.
But the road ahead is a long and winding process.
At this point, there were plenty of criticisms including some from our peers.
With or without their support, we pledged to carry on till at least one of them are entered in the King Scout camp.
Right now, we are lagging behind due to poor time management by the kids we are grooming.
On Dec 4, the boys would attempt a 6-km hike to Broga, in the outskirts of Semenyih in Selangor for their first merit badge - the lencana Usaha.
This would be followed by a Camporee in Victoria Institution where they are expected to wear their merit badges.
Next year, we would have our hands full when they progress to the Maju and Jaya badges.

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