Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Singapore swing

My ride to Singapore

With Bernard Teoh in Campers Corner

My buddy Dave and I at Handle Bar

There's few reasons for me to travel to Singapore these days.
One exception was the fact that my buddy Dave Mundell made a port of call in the island republic and another friend Sesh Anthony had celebrated his birthday on the same day I visited the country.
For starters, the exchange rate really sucks and with each RM1 I bring across the causeway, its 30cents in Singapore currency.
This is expected to get much worse.
Anyway, I also caught up with Bernard Teoh, one of my old time friend from school.
We had lunch at Waterloo street and a coupla beers in Campers Corner's new premise at the same area.
Later in the day, I caught up with Dave and had a few more beers with him before meeting up with Sesh and his lovely companion Adeline at a bar near Tanjung Pagar.
Since I was totally bushed, my day ended early.
The following morning, I chose to cruise around some retail spots and later had dinner with Sesh and his girlfriend before boarding a flight back to KL.

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