Monday, November 21, 2011

Canon EF8-15mm F4.0L

Project fisheye
Whoah! Its been a while since I've taken my camera out.
This Friday night, barring bad weather, I will be lugging my gear for a night macro session in Bukit Gasing. 
That said, one lens has been evading me for some time and its the Canon EF8-15mm F4.0L Fisheye zoom lens.
This will be another valuable asset for indoor architectural shots as well as outdoor landscape photography.
I think the pricing below RM4K is pretty decent as it is an 'L'-series lens with an ultrasonic motor.
Since I am using an APS-C sensor body, the 8mm focal length would be nearly doubled.
This, is in preparation of a full-frame body. 
I think next year, my time will be divided into full-time adventure photography and cycling tours.

A good catch: the 8-15mm F4.0L

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