Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tern Tea Party!

The stage is set for Tern's debut in Malaysia
Just got back from a preview photoshoot of Tern Bicycle's new products.
Some 19 models are going to be shown at Rodalink's outlet in Bandar Botanic.
I sat in the Le Run's team meeting about the event where the floor plan was laid out for the launch.
The show is going to start at 3pm on Nov 19 for the public, so, if you are interested to check out the new bikes, make a beeline towards Bandar Botanic.
There might be a media preview of the bikes earlier in the day. Details are yet to be finalised.
One thing is for sure: there are gonna be some cool Tern Schwag for the lucky visitor, plenty of foodstuff and lots of foldies at the launch.

One sexy bike!
I caught a glimpse of the new Verge S11i folding bike.
Straight out of the box, this is one of the sexiest foldies around.
Everything I expect on retro-fitting my Dahon Speed P8 is found on the Verge S11i.
The Shimano Alfine 11 drivetrain makes it a sweet and smooth ride.
There are attachment for touring racks and the Andros steering system makes it a dream bike to handle...

When it comes to versatility, this bike nails it!
 Great expectations..
Pricing, fit and finish: How?
Having handled the Verge S11i, I can say this: Its solid!
The street price is between RM6.8K - RM7K. 
And the bummer is this: There's only one sample bike for Malaysia. So, 'siapa cepat, dia dapat!'
If you have handled the Dahon MuXL, the Verge S11i is much better than expected.
Everything on this bike spells 'Elegance' and I guess that if I save up enough, I will be able to score one next year!

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Anonymous said...

i'm drooling now... :-) only 1 for 20M+ population? come on le-run. i wonder who will be the lucky one?