Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tern Tea Party - Part 1

The Media briefing
Some charity work...
Would you believe me that I was the guy who coined the words: "Tern Tea Party"??? 
Well, I got nothing to prove that, but I do have the softcopy of the original version of the Press Release which I wrote for the event.
And all this - for free.
I still get remarks like: "Eh Samo, you get your Dahons for free ka?", "How come you got so many bikes ah? They give you ah? You Dahon ambassador ah?"
I just laugh it off. 
For the record, I paid them with my hard-earned money and therefore, is no way obliged to anyone. And that's my style.
The guys who brought in Tern Bikes needed help. And it was dire. They need to launch their bikes.
I was called in to bring in the crowd.
Now, I know that was not my scope of work, I advised them on what to do, how to do it and all this - for free.

So, the day had arrived...
After going through the final version of the media release, I gave it a go. 
On Saturday morning, I made my way to Bandar Botanic.
Now, all this, for free. 
Petrol money, time, expenses, borne by me.
Any free bike? No.
Things went on really smooth with the Media launch.
A group of magazine guys were there to cover the event.
None of the newspaper people turned up.
Am I obliged to publish a piece on this? Well, not necessarily.
I've done fairly a bit for the guys responsible in bringing in Tern Bikes to Malaysia, and I am not obliged to do more. Its up to them now.

A staff member from K2 Asia with a Tern Castro
Decent response...
The crowd turnout was good. At least a dozen reps from the media.
There were some car salesmen trying to sell their Volkswagen and some Thule stuff.
I spoke to their head honcho who remarked: "Eh, our cars are affordable la.."
Who the fuck is this guy trying to kid? 
And Thule? For fucks sake, its being sold by retards.
While the Press briefing was taking place upstairs, some of the VW salesmen were having a go at the Tern Link Uno.
They had some fun cycling the new bike.

A sales guy attending to his guest
Familiar faces...
I met the BaikBike crew Kheng and Chloe.
These were the same guys I met at the Dahon 2011 launch. Again, some charity work I did for free.

While talking to some old friends, I noticed the owner of the largest bike store in Penang.
Mr Ng and his daughter was there too.
They were eyeing the Terns.

First impressions...
Personally speaking, I think Tern Bikes will do extremely well in Malaysia.
People who want to upgrade from an entry-level to a mid-range and high end folding bike now have the choice.
They might not have the spending power, but the options are available.
If you are one of those who believe in quality and performance and think that life shouldn't be wasted on talking cock, go for it.
I'd say that the Terns are well-built and are definitely a bang for the buck...

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