Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lessons in Air Rotor and the Pancake Brake..

These are arguably: One of the best hydralic brake system ever to be found on a folding bike.. But it is also very, very delicate...

Preparing for the worse..
I didn't hear anything from the Rodalink guys..
Sent my wounded Dahon Jetstream EX for inspection and repair.
After clocking-in more than 500km on the bike which I took delivery in July this year, I found that the rear wheel has been giving some problems.
Its not free-wheeling and I suspected that the SRAM Dual-Drive II was the cause..
Which turned out to be unfounded.
Wong, the branch supervisor and mechanic told me that there was a loose sprocket on the rear wheel.
And best of all, the brake was the primary cause of the resistance on the hub's freewheel.

Clean your brakes
The problem was still persistent on the hub when I spun the rear wheel.
Wong went to work right away by tuning up the brake calipers and told me that he had found fur stuck to it.
I must say that I am guilty as charged because the kidz have been shedding.
Not only that, the gunked dirt and grime picked up from previous rides had made the brakepads 'sticky'.
This is an apparent problem with Ashima's PCB brakes.

Foreign particles on the calipers had caused the rotor to resist when spun, resulting in a tiring ride.

The worse is over..
Well, I am happy to report that the SRAM DDII is working properly.
After a tune-up by Wong, its now up and running.
So, I think I might take it for a spin tomorrow, especially when its a public holiday...

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