Sunday, December 18, 2011

RapidKL Car Free Day foldie ride - Part 1

Bah! Humbug!!!!
I had the misfortune to be associated with EVERYTHING when it comes to Folding Bikes.
Just the day before, I taunted The Star's star cyclist Andrew Sia about the Prasarana Negara Berhad's Folding Bike Ride on its Car Free Day campaign.
He said he will be riding with the Folding Bike Club Malaysia cyclists in an effort to feature commuting and train rides.
So, I let it be...
Then, the next day, I got hauled up by my boss and was told that his big boss wanted a short take (short news update) for Sunday's Final Edition (Dateline at 7pm).

The assignment..
Ever since leaving the New Straits Times with a fucking big grudge back in 2007, I haven't been writing deadline stories. 
At The Star, my job was very straight forward: manage the regional edition of Starmetro.
So, the plan is to cycle to Asia Jaya's LRT station, board the train and head towards the Sri Rampai station where a media conference is expected to take place.
Now, I was told to give a short piece. Writing in such a way, is my specialty.
At the Federal Highway motorcycle lane, best small vehicle lane in the world! You've got to try it to believe it!
Enter: The Rogue Rider
I am not affiliated to any clubs or groups.
So, on Saturday morning, instead of joining the herd from Damansara Perdana to Kelana Jaya LRT station, I rode solo.
The plan is simple - hit the Asia Jaya LRT station.
It took me a little more than one hour to reach my destination and I must say that the nightly beer sessions had taken a serious toll on my level of fitness.
For this task, I chose to re-activate my Dahon Curve SL.
She's the lightest and fastest folding bike of her class and for train commuting, this is the best size - 16" wheels!
Weighing at 9.5kgs, the Curve SL is a serious contender for multi-modal commutes.
And I am happy to report that the little Dahon had performed flawlessly, delivering me to the LRT station and back in one piece..

The Rogue Rider waiting to board 
The journey....
I am no stranger to the LRT.
Michelle and I had used this transport mode to access the KL city centre back in April for the Sports TOTO Charity ride.
Now, my big boss Ah Wai Kor had told me about his friend who had a beef with the KTMB people.
He was not allowed into the train.
Similarly, I heard that a Rockstar-like foldie too had an argument with the train people.
Way I see it, people with a bit of money comes with a baggage.
They have attitude problem.
These people think the world owes them a living.
If you say: "Please and Thank you" to the station master and be really nice to him, I'm sure he will allow you to board the KTM Komuter or any intercity train.
Being a foldie, a Rogue one at this time, it doesn't hurt at all to be nice and courteous to other people. You must also think of other commuters in the overcrowded trains.
Now, if you plan to commute and ride, BE SURE to bag your bike.
I boarded the train to Sri Rampai at 11:15am. 
This gave me an hour's advantage so that I can rest and scout the venue for places to work so that I can send my story via email to the newdesk who is expecting a piece from me.
Somewhere near Pasar Seni in Kuala Lumpur, I spotted two Prasarana staff, they were smiling and giggling at each other.. Wierdos.
Well, lucky for me, I brought my apple ipod. 
With Gun's N Roses blasting all the way, my journey to Sri Rampai was smooth...

The station staff with my lil Dahon
This guy couldn't resist a ride on my Dahon Curve SL
Getting ready..
I arrived with my bike bagged, walked to a convenience store to get a bottle of Gatorade.
From USJ 26 to Asia Jaya, its roughly about 19.8km, not bad for short distance ride..
I was psyched-up for one thing and one thing only: Do the job.
Being professional, it doesn't matter if the organizer was the Folding Bike Trading boss, a real piece of work!
What matters the most - is completing my task...

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