Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Night Raider...

Christmas came early.. 
I was all out to outfit my Dahon Speed P8 and Jetstream EX with a set of Sigma Powerled Black Pro headlights.
After an exhaustive search, I found one at a well-known bicycle shop in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. 
The owner offered 40% off its retail price as he is clearing stock.
From the initial inspection, the light looked okay...

The horror... The horror...
So, there I was, ready to cut a deal at the Taman Megah bike shop.
I told the owner, Mr Tan about wanting the light.
"Oooohh.. You came earlier that day right? Ahhh.. Good choice.. "
Tan told one of his staff to check and see whether the light is working or not.
After he opened the box, the man was unable to take out the AA battery pack from the light's barrel.
At this point, I knew that something was terribly wrong.
He then tried to use force, but the piece of plastic was wedge inside the barrel, it just wouldn't budge.
I saw him hitting the barrel on the carpet, repeatedly.
Now, the only logic here is that the supplied AA batteries had leaked and corroded the barrel.
Quietly, I slipped away.
Drove as far as I could from the Taman Megah Bike shop. After seeing what the man did, this is the last time I am ever going there....

The twins: Sigma Powerled Black Pro
Luck was on my side.. 
The next place that I went was a long shot.
I drove to Merida's showroom near the Taman Bahagia LRT station.
Finding a carpark here is hell.
I saw a van coming out from a parking lot, then, a fucktard left a wheelbarrow on the lot, marking his territory.
I made another turn and this lady was kind enough to move the fucking wheelbarrow aside. Thank you ma'am! 
So, there I was, right back where I started. 
I knew for a fact that Ben Tan's store has some Sigma products. Probably imported by themselves.
I asked Yeap, the store's supervisor who was honest enough to tell me that they had some 'problems' with the Sigma high-end lights.
I insisted on seeing them and there it was: Two boxes of the Sigma Powerled Black Pro.
It made me really happy to see the lights.
Yeap said that if he can get one that worked, he will let it go at a 'Christmas' price.
After one of the staff had plugged-in the Lithim-Ion battery pack, the light was on, a deal was about  to be cut.
He gave a price which is much higher than the bike store in Taman Megah, I counter-offered and Yeap had given in.
I scored another Sigma Powerled Black Pro and this time, the only thing that I need to do, is to clean the melted battery cover.
Humidity had destroyed a layer of latex on the battery pack.

The 2011 Dahon Jetstream "Night Raider" edition

The twins, now, even more powerful than ever!
Long-term plans..
The new rechargeable LED lights would be very useful in the field. 
All I need, is a large battery pack with a splitter cable to power up the lights. While the original battery packs can be used as reserves.
The Sigmas will see some prime action next month during Chinese New Year..


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