Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sigma Powerled Black Pro

In the beginning...
I was looking for a reliable headlight, capable of burning a hole into the night and after a few bad experiences with the Cateye AA-powered lights, I've decided to try out a lithium-ion rechargeable system.

Choices, choices, choices... 
Its either a Niterider Newt 200 or a minipro system.
But after a run-in at a popular bicycle store in Damansara Uptown, I'd say that they can shove the lights up their ass.
The sales dude was utterly clueless on the light's output and I won't settle for claims like: "Aiya, this light brighter than your car's headlight la!"
Due respects to the National cycling coach and his dedicated bicycle shop staff, that moron who gave such a statement should have his head checked.
I came across the Sigma light at the Merida shop in SS2, Petaling Jaya, but was not convinced with it at all.
And the bosses' moody attitude there didn't help either. 

Then, finally!
I saw the Sigma Powerled Black Pro at Kian Hong cycles in Damansara Perdana when I visited the store with Billy, my friend.
It was a solid system, one which you can convert into a handheld torch powered by 4AA batteries during emergencies.
I like the clean and uncluttered design and the pricing wasn't too bad.
Unlike the RM1.4K Niterider light, the Sigma is pretty decent.

Proving grounds
I took the light with me to ride in Ipoh last week.
It could be easily mounted on my Dahon Speed P8 and I was very pleased by its performance.
While I was not totally convinced with its maximum output of 900Lumens, I am happy to say that the light had exceeded my personal expectations.
Its capable of flooding a wide area during my night ride in Ipoh town.
The most critical part was cycling along a river path in town where it was literally pitch black.
With a three-stage intensity setting, the Powerled Black Pro was capable of delivering enough light to cover even the darkest spots.

A good impression...
I love the quality, fit and finish on the Powerled Black Pro. Everything on this light was done 'right' and it made it in time for my Batu Gajah - Ipoh ride.
This is an indespensable tool for my 'Journey to land's end' ride next year and I do hope that the new stock for the Powerled would arrive just in time...

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