Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bernds Touring Foldie

And I thought I've seen them all...
Some guy from made reference to Bernds Bicycle from Germany.
I clicked on the URL link he posted and found something really interesting.
The Bernds Folding Bike has an asking price of I,302.52 Euros (RM5.3K) for an 8-speed Shimano Nexus internal hub gear model with premium parts.
I am not a fan of the Nexus as its slow and unresponsive.
What caught my attention: was the 14-speed Rohloff hub gear model at 2,436.97 Euros (RM9.8K) and there is an option to outfit this bike with a belt drive at 270 Euros (RM1,084).

A German-made foldie: The Bernds Folding Bike

Crazy prices, but worth taking a look...
German engineering is something that you can rely on.
You can use this bicycle and hand it down to your grand children.
But, all good things said and done, I don't think the cost of shipping the Bernds folding bike into Malaysia would be cheap.
Freight charges would go into the thousands and sales tax including duty is 35%. 
The only way to solve this issue is to go to Germany, crash there for a month and get the bike ordered..

While the Bernds may be solid, it doesn't fold that well compared to the Dahons, Terns and other folding bike brands...
Best money can buy?
What I love about this bike, is the customisable options. 
You can add a front-suspension fork, hydraulic disk brakes and touring racks for the bike.
And all these will jack up the price to at least RM15K to get it on the road..
So, I guess when it comes to the crunch, its 'how deep is your pockets' that matter..


zark said...

Damn bike looks like 3-day-old road kill when folded....

Sam Cheong said...

hahahha!!! Coming from you.. Its a complement! hahaha!!!