Sunday, January 1, 2012

Slow shutter shots done right

Underutilised feature...
I must say that I've only used about 5% of my Canon Powershot G12 digital camera's features.
This enthusiast-level pocket camera is feature-packed and unlike its predecessor, the G11, it has yet to be dropped from Canon's powershot line-up.
In the past, I've been strugging with the slow-shutter settings on the G12, usually ending up with overexposed shots.
Now, I know that there is a Neutral Density (ND) filter which is built-in on the camera's retractable zoom lens.

Taking the shot: A tripod steadies the camera for the slow shutter technique on this stream at the Sungai Tua nature park in Selangor

Got it!
After fiddling with it, I realised that the feature can be activated under the 'Function' button.
All I need to do, is to scroll down the functions and activate the ND filter.
With this feature, I can step down the shutter speed without overexposing the shot in the frame.

I must say that I am pretty impressed with the results.
Some shots that were taken with a slower shutter speed like 1/8sec did provide some promising results.
I placed a tripod and pointed the camera on a stream.
The effect of slow shutter speed is a soft flow of water.
And if you control the aperture and shutter speed, the results are just amazing...

ND and slow shutter gallery..

HDR shot of the stream

Slow-shutter shot with ND filter feature

'Miniature' effect

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