Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Melvin's Mission

Sal Glesser, owner of Spyderco Knives which is based in Colorado, USA, once said: "Where's the passion?"
I spent my afternoon having lunch with this icon in the US knife manufacturing community and learned plenty about his philosphies and practices.
Till today, the word: "passion" is deeply ingrained in my soul..
So, fast-forward to late 2011.
A buddy of mine in Kota Kinabalu had asked me to check out the Strida Bicycle showroom in KL.
I traced it to an address in Bandar Puteri in Puchong through an article in
It was there where I met Melvin or Toh (I am not sure who is who) and spoke to him about his products.
Compared to the big boys of the folding bicycle circuit, Strida's dealer here is a smally fry.
But I was really impressed with the way Melvin is doing his work.
He literally appears in every social ride there is around the country.
I even rode with him from Morib to Bagan Lalang where he had sincerely admitted that the single-speed Stridas were not meant for long-hauls.
I seldom meet people who are humble and sincere.
There's noting fake about this guy as his intent is purely to sell his Strida bikes.
To me, the Stridas are a novelty.

The right stuff: When it comes to Strida bikes, Melvin is there!

Spreading the word
Now, unlike some marketing people I know, Melvin had taken the initiative to cycle with his customers as well as meeting new contacts through social rides.
He is taking the right step.
I am not trying to kiss his ass and carry his balls, what I say here, is purely out of my observation and if the guy keeps it up, Strida bike are gonna make some headway here in Malaysia.
To enlighten people and raise awareness, he had engaged an ultra-long distance cyclist called 'Kamo' to ride the Strida SX in an attempt to cycle in Sabah and Sarawak.
The Trans-Borneo expedition will set Strida bikes in the national stage. I wish Kamo the best in completing his mission and fulfilling his sponsor's wishes.

Heading in the right direction...
I see a good future in Strida Bikes.
They are backed-up pretty well in terms of parts and accessories.
The least I can say is that Melvin is willing to listen to the seasoned cyclists on how to improve his products. That is a good move and a step towards securing the brand in the top placing of who's who in folding bikes here in Malaysia..

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