Saturday, January 28, 2012

Journey to Land's End - Part 1

Realizing a plan..
We were pretty bummed.
This is one Chinese New Year where we were pretty much left on our own.
I had something mapped out for a tour of the far South and the plan is to ride to Tanjung Piai, the Southernmost tip of Asia.
Initially, I thought of cycling from our home towards Tg Piai. 
But this would take at least two weeks to complete on our little folding bikes.
Michelle came up with a revised and improvised schedule.
Its also very simple. 
We drive to Muar, spend a night there and ride the next day.

Cruising through the streets of Muar in the morning...
At Muar, we bunked-in at Michelle's Uncle's place. 
There, we were able to take a rest before setting out at 6:30am the next day.
Our routine began with setting up the bikes and loading our panniers.
We rode towards Parit Jawa before day break.
With the load, I have forgotten how slow it can get moving along.
We hauled at least 30kgs of gear and equipment in the self-supported ride.
The goal was to reach Batu Pahat and have lunch there.
Our first stop was Parit Jawa, some 16km away from Muar town...

Hitting the road at warp-speed.. 
Parit Jawa, home of Assam Pedas fish...
Riding under the sun..
The meteorologist had predicted a dry and hot day.
It was true.
We rode under the sun and kept hydrated along the way with our water and constantly refilled our bottles.
From Parit Jawa, the ride towards Batu Pahat would take at least three hours.
We were prepared to take as many breaks as possible to avoid health hazards such as sun and heat stroke.
Once down, its very hard to recover.
But so far, the journey has been really smooth..

Leaving Parit Jawa..

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