Saturday, July 20, 2013

Humility: The road less traveled..

I like to see a friend do well..

I met Muaaz Mohd Noor some years back when he started a part-time business peddling European camping gear and some Swedish pocket knives.
I bought some EKA knives from him that I still carry until today.
We built our friendship through trust and I am very happy to see him setting out on his own and doing business as an outfitter.

Family-oriented activities.

Unlike the para-military elitist guys in Subang Jaya, Muaaz specializes in family outings.
He is also a licensed nature guide and uses his store in Seri Kembangan for classes and film shows.
Having worked in the Scandinavian countries, the man knows everything there is about outfitting people for hiking and camping in Nordic countries.
In our local context, Muaaz is catering to watersports lovers and campers.
Although I don't see the need for Henessey Hammocks, you name it, he's got it.

Business and friendship...

Sometimes, when all the hype and praises goes around - especially when a newspaper outdoor columnist calls you a "Gear improvisation expert", it'll get into your head.
I talked about this with Muaaz who said it was silly for the Subang Jaya guy to throw away some friendship due to ego and insecurities.
I said that it was his gain and our loss.. 
Way I see it, a good and long-term business relationship is based on trust and mutual benefits.
The outdoor business here is rather immature and still in its infancy.
That said, I wish Muaaz the best and hope that his business will pick up..

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