Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Team Eclipse: The adventure begins..

Running-in the bikes..

We've had our first Tern bikes for nearly two weeks and never did have the chance to ride them.
First, there was some issue with time management.
Then came the haze.
By the time everything had cleared up, we managed to rig up the bikes for its maiden flight.

Michelle getting ready to hit the road
Perfect timing.. 

I ordered a pair of MKS Step-in Urban pedals from England and it arrived just in time for fitting on my Eclipse X20.
Together, we rode out to Putra Heights and before that, we checked out the One City project that was just right behind our neighbourhood.
We rode past the project and Michelle noticed that my rear wheel was almost flat. 
Seems that I didn't fill up the Schwalbe Kojak tire with enough pressure.
I fixed that and continued with our journey.

A tune-up needed.. 

Riding past One City

Michelle and her new ride
I had my Eclipse X20 tuned by Master Johnny Ng from My Bicycle Shop in Bandar Utama.
Since the bikes were fresh out of the box, it has to be tuned and I did just that.
We fixed some of the minor bugs affecting the X20's performance.
Things for Michelle, on the other hand, wasn't that "smooth".
She had issues with brake drag and I realised that immediately as the front wheel wasn't spinning at all.
Later, I brought the Eclipse P9 for a tune-up at MBS and its all good and running.

Encounter with a hostile roadie
We took the bikes for a short spin, covering a distance of 19.7km.
Michelle felt rather uncomfortable as we didn't pack any spare inner tubes and tool along for this ride, so, we decided to call it a day after covering a loop around Putra Heights.

So far so good! 
Refreshment break at Putra Heights
A new beginning.. 

Having tested a few Tern bikes, I am confident that the future lies on what team Tern has to offer.
Everything on the Eclipse showed that there's commitment to further improving the folding bike and making it a sustainable form of transportation.
I am also looking at using the X20 as my main vehicle for riding to work.
So, stay tuned for more team Eclipse Adventures! 

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