Sunday, July 28, 2013

Team Eclipse Adventures - 03

All the bugs fixed and we're ready to go...

We're about a month away from the CFAL 5 ride in Penang and frankly, Michelle and I haven't been getting much ride time on our bikes.
Our bikes are tuned-up and its ready to hit the road.
This year, we are taking our Tern Eclipse P9 and X20 to the Pearl of the Orient for the 84km ride.
Our main concern is getting used to the bike settings and frankly, there's a lot to be done in getting ourselves in shape for the ride.

The Putra Heights Loop...

We're blessed in a way that our home is actually on an elevated slope.
Right behind us is Bukit Lanchong which is being cut down and raped by a developer to fill their own pockets.
We did many rides around the area to achieve about 15km in distance.
This time, Michelle had decided to take the Putra Crescent route.
Before that, we rode to One City which is a new development in USJ 26.
This is a new shopping centre with a hotel and to my horror, a large outfitter store is going to be one of the main tenants there.
What's missing in this mall, is a bicycle shop.
The ride was simple and leisurely as we made our way across Persiaran Harmoni, the traffic was quite heavy. 
It took Michelle quite a while before she could get across the street.
After a short climb, we rolled down to the Putra Crescent housing estate. 
This is a nice residential area which is only accessible via Persiaran Harmony and the ELITE Highway via the Putra Heights interchange.

Michelle on her Eclipse P9
Riding along Persiaran Harmony
Into the heart of Putra Heights...

We made a turn towards the Giant Hypermart off Persiaran Putra Perdana and looped towards Persiaran Putra Bahagia.
This, at present is one of the most dangerous stretches around the Putra Heights Loop.
Just as we reached the junction towards Persiaran Putra Perdana, we witnessed a car being towed away, fresh from a road accident.
Just a few hundred meters away, is the Glades, a posh residential area developed by Sime Darby Berhad.
What drew is to the location was a BMW Customer Day event.
We rode into the Glades where a few RELA officers were placed there on sentry duty.
They ignored us as we rode past a fleet of BMW cars on display.

At the slope along Persiaran Putra Bahagia

The club house at the Glades

From the Glades, we rode towards a row of shophouse in Jalan Putra Bistari where we stopped for a bottle of Gatorade.
Later, we rode back towards our home in USJ 26 and called it a day.
Before folding up the Eclipse for storage, I gave it a wipedown.
We're pretty happy with the performance of the bikes and look forward to a few training sessions before hitting Penang in early September.

Ride statistics

Distance:14.42 km
Avg Speed:12.0 km/h
Elevation Gain:65 m
Calories:508 C
Avg Temperature:28.1 °C

The Putra Heights Loop cycling route

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