Monday, December 9, 2013

A missed opportunity..

A tale of the last Jetstream...

Once a while, I get emails from strangers asking about "how to" and "which" folding bike should they purchase.
I try my best to answer all the emails and usually, I ended up making new friends.
One particular email was a question on my opinion on the Dahon Jetstream P8.
As far as I know, the distributor for Dahon Bikes in Malaysia did not import any current models.
And I must say that the present colour scheme and quality control is atrocious.
So, this guy asked if he should get the Dahon Jetstream P8.
I told him that if he does a lot of offroad cycling, it should be given due consideration.
From what I know, a lot of the Jetstreams are under utilized. They end up as ornaments for people with a lot of money and don't know what to do with it.

Michelle's Dahon Jetstream P8
So, this guy was unsure.Later, he contacted me and said he had sealed a deal with a retail outlet and had the bike sent to Bandar Botanic for self-collection.
He was happy with the fact that he scored the bike at a decent price. I believe it went for RM2,300 after a hefty discount.

Then, came another guy...

I thought that it was a story with a happy ending.
Guy gets his dream bike, he rides into the Sunset. But no...
The would-be owner was griping.
He said the bike which was "promised" to him was sold to another buyer.
"Did you put any down payment for the bike?", I asked.
"No," he said.
There was a mix-up and the bike was sold to someone else...
Then, I started getting short messages, telling me that he will "fix" the guy for "causing hurt and despair".
I called the guy and told him that it's just a bike. Things happen for a reason and if there is another bike that would come his way, it would be a better one..

What he could have done..

The guy whose Jetstream was "swiped" away by another buyer should put down a small deposit to secure his purchase.
Yes, the store supervisor was an idiot for selling the bike without finding out first, who was the real buyer.
And yes, the guy who bought the bike is an ass for lying by saying he was the one who ordered the bike and had it sent from one outlet to the other.
In my books, if a guy wants to "fix" another for "causing so much hurt", nothing good comes out of it. Especially in our Eastern culture where Black Magic is being practised.
The new owner of the Jetstream P8 would crash into a coconut tree and break is face. Suffer for a week keel over.
So, I talked the guy over performing the hocus-pocus and assured him that he is a bigger man by forgoing the bike.
As for the other dude who lied, its just pure greed. Who would have thought that a bike can cause so many hoo-haas?
I hope the dissed dude won't go and put a charm on the other dude and I certainly hope that his dick won't grow out of his forehead for "grabbing" another man's bike...
But that's just how it is.. Come what may, life must go on.. 

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